Real Business Benefits of ISO 9001

Your management system shouldn’t just be a ‘tick box’ exercise to meet the clauses of the standard, the principles of ISO 9001 have real business benefits, which is what Managing Director, Gill Rice discovered when we worked with her injection moulding company, Tyne Valley Plastics.

When Absolute Quality teamed up with Tyne Valley Plastics to support the implementation of their management system, one of Gill’s main objectives was to capture the extensive knowledge of key team members, and create a system that underpins the growing business. By helping the team to identify high risk areas of the business, we developed a strategy that allowed us to capture critical knowledge and reflect this in their core procedures to ensure consistent operational processes.

Essential to this project we helped the leadership team to identify core business objectives and KPI monitoring tools that now allows them to keep track of their progress, and make decisions based on fact that supports their growth.

“Originally TVP chose to implement ISO 9001:2015 purely as part of its marketing strategy. We did not at the time realise what a life changing decision it would be. Absolute Quality guided us through not only the implementation of ISO 9001 but also enabled us to restructure, to enable the management team to cope with the “Scale Up” of the Business. We are excited about the future and credit much of our progress to the help and support from Absolute Quality.” – Gill Rice, Managing Director of Tyne Valley Plastics

Tyne Valley Plastics got real business benefits from their management system because it was built around their business needs, and not just to satisfy the clauses of a standard. This is the most important aspect when building and developing a management system, but is one people often forget.

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