Absolute Quality practices what they preach

Leading by example is vital when it comes to implementing management systems, and Absolute Quality Consultancy & Training has done just that by achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Absolute Quality has been helping businesses to drive continual improvement since 1999 and has established an excellent reputation in building and implementing business management systems as well as designing and delivering training.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification means that the company has been recognised for its own commitment to following best practice principles in quality management and that they are continually monitoring and managing risks across the business.

Helen Short, Managing Director and Founder, said: “Absolute Quality is not just a name, it’s an ethos. It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it and what we deliver.

“We have helped many businesses implement ISO management system over the last 19 years. While I have always been passionate about running the business according to these values, no one has ever requested that we achieve certification as a condition of contract, but I decided it was time to do what we say and show that we are equally committed to achieving certification!”

Absolute Quality is currently embarking on a period of ambitious growth and the plan includes expanding the team, its client base and developing its services.

Helen said: “This achievement is timely for us as our exciting business growth plans come to fruition. The business is expanding quickly, and the standard provides us with a solid risk-based strategy aligned with our strategic priorities to manage our growth and development.

“The approach, which is the same we take with our clients, includes well-defined processes, clear authorities, responsibilities and accountabilities; a place for everything and everything in its place; visible, relevant and meaningful information; along with a robust decision-making framework.

“Surprisingly enough, the outcomes have been the same as those we achieve with our clients including driving behaviour, encouraging understanding and ownership, overcoming frustrations, and empowering staff. The clear benefits are increasing morale, efficiencies and profitability, delivering visions and aspirations, and realising a desired change in culture and peace of mind.

“Ultimately, by taking the time to work on our business as well as working in our business, it has given us solid, strong foundations for growth. Achieving this certification demonstrates our committed to being exemplary in our own management system standards and we can now officially say that we practice what we preach!”

ISO, management systems and auditing can be daunting and time-consuming so please do get in touch for Absolute Quality advice.

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