Absolute support for school trip to Africa

Absolute Quality is proud to support its Director of Training’s son on his school project trip to Zambia.

Andrew Willson’s 17-year-old son David, along with students and staff at St. Mary’s school in Newcastle, are preparing to assist the Siansowa community by building a classroom and helping with teaching.

The students, who are currently fundraising to cover the costs of the trip, are travelling to Zambia in July accompanied by expedition leaders from Adventure Life Signs.

Andrew said: “The project will see David and his fellow students involved in the building of a large classroom and helping with teaching. This will help many children access an education, something that David says he is lucky enough to take for granted.”

The new classroom will support the progress of the school which currently caters for over 600 children with just five class rooms, each typically holding over 80 pupils.

The school is very much focused on practical education. Alongside teaching reading and writing, the pupils also learn skills such as carpentry, sewing, growing produce and raising poultry.

Absolute Quality is proud to support this project, which is aligned with the company’s values. The interventions we have with our clients, including training and the implementation of management systems, are always focussed on the needs of the recipients and in line with a founding philosophy of ours – “We work with people to develop capabilities and capacity rather than dependency.”