Webinar to help businesses plan for Covid-19 recovery

Businesses across the North East are invited to take part in a webinar to help them reopen as the coronavirus restrictions are relaxed.

Absolute Quality Training and Consultancy is running webinar events with their associates, including RTC North, The North East Motor Alliance and the Entrepreneurs Forum, to help businesses implement a phased Covid-19 exit strategy.

The ‘Lockdown Exit Strategy – Getting Your Team Back into Business’ webinar gives practical advice and guidance for any business owner and employer returning to work after lockdown.

Andrew Willson, Consultant and Trainer at Absolute Quality Consultancy & Training Ltd delivers the webinar. He said: “As lockdown restrictions are eased businesses want to get back to business as quickly as possible whilst keeping people safe.

“These fast-paced and content-rich webinars are specifically designed to help ensure businesses are compliant with current Government Guidance, and include practical and pragmatic experiences that Absolute Quality and their associates have gained working with clients and examples from around the world.”

The webinar introduces a four-phased Covid-19 Lockdown Exit Strategy that will help firms plan and implement a safe return to business.

These phases explore: planning and preparation to return to work, including tackling Covid-19 risk assessments; launching in a controlled and safe way; gearing up to review, learn, and safely expand capacity; and building the new normal.

The webinar also includes a detailed checklist to clarify key points whilst stimulating thoughts and ideas to save businesses time and effort as they plan a Lockdown Exit Strategy.

Andrew concluded: “Having many years of experience of management system implementation and people development, particularly in manufacturing and food industry settings, Absolute Quality are well-placed to provide Covid-19 security and risk management support.”

To attend a webinar, or arrange to run one for your organisation, please get in touch.