COVID-19 Support

We’ve all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and its global spread. There’s a profound sense of uncertainty, and the way we live, and work has changed considerably. We’re all having to adapt and learn new ways of communicating and working.
As a business, what does your new normal look like? what are you doing to manage risks? And how are you optimising opportunities to plan a strong future for your business?

Getting back to work & establishing your new normal

Absolute Quality are providing a flexible support programme that can be tailored to the needs of your business, helping you to get back to work safety, effectively and efficiently, as well as build your new normal. Support can include:

  • Initial team workshop to inform and coach Covid-19 team, establish key objectives and actions to address COVID-19 risks and opportunities.
  • Develop company processes and workplace layout to ensure people can work safely and efficiently.
  • Support in the development of Covid-19 Risk Assessments
  • Development of COVID-19 company documentation and guidance packs, including company statements, employee and visitor training packs and health checks.
  • Staff training on the company’s COVID-19 processes.
  • Support businesses to ensure all key roles and responsibilities are covered, including tasks allocation and reallocation.
  • Audit and review your company COVID-19 arrangements to ensure they are in line with current government guidance and continue to meet the needs of the business.
Build a resilient future

Absolute Quality are working with business to help them build on the lessons learnt and good practices resulting from COVID-19 to create stronger foundations and facilitate business growth.

We are working with management teams to identify, manage and minimise risks and optimise opportunities to help safeguard their businesses by gaining the ability to adapt their business quickly to change in our ever-changing environment, while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and your brand.

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